CTL Kambalache

The Kambalache Leisure Center aims to develop an educational program from the leisure and free time aimed at people with intellectual disabilities.

CTL Kambalache

The various programs that are carried out in Kambalache are:

Creative Workshops which aim to promote integration and personal development through creativity and art therapy. The workshops we organize are oil painting, various arts, cooking and image and sound.

Recreational area or meeting point are of free access and use for all Kambalache users. We have billiards, table soccer, dartboard, various board games, reading and reference books...

Digital literacy Area aims to show the proper uses of the Internet, improve the typing skills of those users who need it and, as a favorite activity, they update the Kambalache's Blog.

Sports Area we have an indoor soccer team that trains in the Alberto Maestro Sports Center.

Recreational-social area corresponds to leisure activities carried out on weekends. These activities are chosen by the users. We go to karaoke, laserdromo, cinema, theme parties... In addition, we make at least one two-day excursion to a village in Aragon and several full-day activities.

In the summers we carry out Vacation Programs being one of the activities with the highest demand where we promote the autonomy and capacity of choice of all participants.

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