Social housing Rental

Since 2014 Kairos manages the network of housing exchanges for social rent in collaboration with the Government of Aragon.

The objective is to meet the social housing needs that exist in the Aragonese territory, either as a result of eviction procedures, or to allow those families or people who do not have sufficient income to pay rents in the free market to have a decent home.

To carry out the management of the houses are carried out actions directed to:

  • Housing beneficiaries: Advice and information, allocation of housing, signing of the contract of rent, management of the collection of the rent and monitoring of the personal, economic and family situation.
  • Housing Transferors: Advice to complete the application for the inclusion of the house, to manage the necessary repairs in the houses, management of the payment of the bail and the rental rents and monitoring of the State of conservation of the house.


More information about the program:
C/ Molino de las Armas 49, local (50014 Zaragoza)
Tlf de contacto: 976005523

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