Autonomy floors

Assisted Living Users and Educator

The purpose of the Initiation to Autonomous Living Flats is to Improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities with limited or intermittent support needs, with desire, possibilities and/or needs to start an autonomous life, providing the necessary supports for each user.

Kairós has 10 houses where we attend 36 adults with intellectual disabilities. All of them require, to a greater or lesser extent, an educational monitoring in those tasks that involve the ability to make decisions and solve problems of daily life, such as preparing meals, basic household chores, shopping, medication management, mobility in the community, economic management, etc.

These floors have a priority objectivethat the users acquire and generalize daily living skills, social skills, and household skillsThe skills that make up the core of the skills necessary for independent living.

 We offer a continuous monitoring for 24 hours, either through the physical presence of personnel or through other mechanisms that allow adequate supervision to be maintained to ensure the safety of users.

 With all the users attended, specific individualized programs are carried out to try to achieve the educational and integrating objectives of personality development and learning.

 Para ello, cuentan con un team of professionals made up of educators, social workers and psychologists.

Assisted living user