Occupational and Day Center

The Kairós Day and Occupational Center is a center that offers Caters to young people and adults with intellectual disabilities whose places are arranged by the Instituto Aragonés de Servicios Sociales (Aragonese Institute of Social Services).

Occupational and Day Center
The main objective of the Day and Occupational Center "Kairos" is the preparation of people with intellectual disabilities for life and work.. For some it will be a means to enable them to achieve labour insertion and personal and social fulfillment; For others, the most severely affected, will be a stable and permanent place, strengthening and encouraging personal development and social integration, reaching the maximum degree of independent living and thus improving their quality of life.
The type of activities that are carried out in the center are grouped in four areas:

Work area:

In the work area different activities are carried out (assembling fluorescents, beading, candles, portraits, plates ...) in order that users acquire different manipulative skills, always enhancing the initiative, creativity and work habits.

Training Area:

The following subareas are being worked from the training area:

  • Cognitive skills: Attention, reasoning, memory ...
  • Functional Academic Skills: literacy, calculus, EURO management ...
  • Physical wellbeing: Swimming, corporal expression, music therapy.
  • Social skills: Personal relationships, self-concept, conflict ...
  • Personal autonomy: toilet, dress, food, home life ...
  • Community life: Community resources, community life ...
  • Health: Healthy habits, nutrition, sexuality ...

Psychosocial Care Area:

Psychological and social care and support of people with disabilities and their families.

Centro Ocupaconal Activity
Occupational pre-employment
Parent School:

Its main objective is to improve the quality of life of the families of the users of the Kairos Occupational Center.  To do this, we carry out different monthly activities such as: training lectures, recreational activities and outings.

During the year 2023, in the San José occupational center, one of the classrooms has been transformed into a living room and two classrooms have been furnished with the financial support of the ONCE Foundation.

This transformation will allow us to work much more effectively the autonomy and independence of people with intellectual disabilities who come to the Occupational Center.