Job prospects

Labour market prospecting is a basic tool for job insertion of people who are in a situation of unemployment.

The technician who performs the job-survey functions analyses the labour market and selects the sectors and companies that users of the insertion and orientation services can access, depending on their skills and potential.

Job prospects

Prospecting is a tool for Approach between companies and jobseekers. We understand that human resources departments and employment counseling services are the two sides of the same coin.

Thanks to the work of the Labor prospecting team we can have:

  • A working bag formed by the offers managed from the contacts established with the collaborating companies.
  • Collaboration agreements with companies.

Likewise, the task of prospecting allows us to detect in every moment the situation of the labour market, its evolution, the sectors that are generating demand of workers, the profiles and the requirements demanded by the companies in the different areas of work, etc.