Labor mediation

La intermediación laboral consiste en poner en relación directa a demandantes de empleo y empleadores. El objetivo primordial del proceso de intermediación laboral es lograr establecer una Employment relationship between jobseekers and employers para satisfacer las necesidades e intereses de ambos. El procedimiento de actuación del servicio de Intermediación se regirá por los principios de confidencialidad, no discriminación y transparencia de la información.

To articulate the process of labour intermediation it is essential to obtain an adequate adjustment between the offers received and the professional profiles of the candidates. To this end, we have professionals in labor intermediation and computer applications designed as they allow us to optimize the process.

Labor mediation


What benefits do you provide as a job seeker?

Jobseekers have more difficulty in generating contacts and interviews with prospective employers.

Kairos can provide job seekers with job intermediation, employment offers adjusted to their profiles and the possibility of conducting interviews with employers, facilitating their incorporation into the labor market and enhancing employment generation.


What benefits do you provide as an employer?

The increase in job-seekers in the current labor market increases the number of candidates opting for jobs, making it difficult to make a well adjusted selection in a reasonable time.

Kairos, through its labor intermediation service, preselects qualified personnel who conform to the demanded profile in an efficient and free way. This implies a reduction in costs for the company and the streamlining of the selective processes.

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