From the Kairos Training Area and as stated in the Service Chart we impart:

Image training for employment
  • Training subsidized by INAEM or Sepe directed primarily to workers in unemployment situation and to employed workers. (Certificates of professionalism).
  • Training to obtain titles homologated by the Aragonese Institute of Youth (Monitor and director of leisure activities).
  • Private training for organizations and/or companies in the field of training programmed by companies (subsidized training).

Certificates of professionalism

The certificates of professionalism, regulated by the Royal Decree 34/2008, of 18 of January, are the instrument of official accreditation of the professional qualifications of the National Catalogue of professional qualifications in the field of the Labour administration (Learn More).

Kairós dispone de dos centros de formación acreditados para impartir varios certificados de profesionalidad. Acceso al Sepe Center Finder (Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal).


European projects

Kairos has been a partner and coordinator in several European projects framed in the programme of the European Union Grundtvig (2007-2013): Specific actions aimed at adult education and promoting lifelong learning, facilitating the access of adults excluded from the school system to education.

We are currently also participating in the Erasmus + programme (2014-2020) which aims to improve qualifications and employability and modernize education, training and youth work.


Training Platform

Disponemos de una plataforma de teleformación: Kairos Campus TrainingQR Code Access Mobile Campus

To access from a tablet or smartphone:


Course Catalogue

Consult our catalogue of courses available for the three modes of delivery: Face-to-face, teletraining and mixed.

These courses can be adapted to the needs of each group (hours, contents, dates, etc. ..).

If you want a course you do not find in the catalog please contact us to be able to offer.